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About Me

Respect for People and
Continuous Improvement

Respect for people and their striving for continuous improvement are the core principles and motivating drivers of my work.

The same applies for healthy, successful companies around the globe: Respect for people and continuous improvement stand as main pillars in their center. Large global enterprises, e.g. Toyota, as well as agile young German IT companies, e.g. sipgate, practise and maintain this business culture.

Independent of size, history and business sector, at the core it is about principles like “develop people and teams, then build products“ (lean production by Toyota) and agile principles like “responding to change over following a plan“ (Manifesto for Agile Software Development).

After starting studying law in Bonn I first moved to Hamburg, gate to the world, and after successfully mastering my first Staatsexamen from there I then went out to New Zealand where I completed a LLM International Environmental Law degree at the University of Auckland. I returned to Hamburg for my Referendariat and second Staatsexamen.

I lived and worked for many years in many different countries and diverse cultures: New Zealand, Ethiopia, South Africa, Rwanda, Australia, most recently in Myanmar where I worked for the UN. I am a German attorney, trained mediator and certified scrum master. The world is still my oyster, but Germany is home. Back in Germany I worked for two years at my alma mater, the Universität Hamburg, before I followed the calling of criminal defense. I was a defense attorney with heart and soul, however the second pillar of my core mission, striving for continuous improvement, did not play a fundamental role in daily proceedings. I therefore refocused on what is crucial to me: bringing people together, mediating, supporting them to be and give their best, facilitating entrepreneurship, creating added value in organizations.

My work now as a business mediator, facilitator and business consultant, coach for executives is my profession. Nothing achieves more respect for people and more accomplishes their striving for continuous improvement in organizations than optimally deploying their full potential of knowledge, value creation and leadership.

Sabine Lang Thurston – Services


Constructively Creating
the Best Possible Way Forward

Consulting and coaching in negotiations, difficult conversations and change processes

Important negotiations and difficult conversations as well as change processes are daily business in successful companies. Most of the time the challenges are structural changes, mergers, team conflicts, development of executives, support during challenging leadership situations. They are challenges and at the same time opportunities which need to be mastered.

I prepare principled negotiations and constructive conversations with you and coach you during their course. Your interests are at the center. The focus is creating options, options which ideally create mutual gain for you and your partners.

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Crisis Talks
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Change Management
  • Coaching

Business Mediation

Internal conflicts or conflicts with business partners, I offer professional mediation: Listening, looking, focus on the interests of the parties, together inventing options for mutual gain and solutions, constructively creating the best possible way forward. Mediation is a structured voluntary process that aims to constructively resolve a conflict. Independently and in the interest of all parties involved I facilitate contact and conversations between the parties and support them to create an agreement which best serves their needs and interests.

  • Business Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitation
  • Clarity
  • Focus on the interests of all parties – Creating mutual gain
  • Win-Win Solution

Analysis and Development of Organizations to Optimally Deploy Their Full Potential

Continuous improvement through optimal use of the full potential of knowledge, value creation and leadership of your business. You strive to deploy the full potential of your company? Where do you stand right now? How to optimize performance and achieve sustainable success of your business? I offer the analysis and development of organizations to deploy their full potential of knowledge, value creation and leadership. In cooperation with the organizational psychologist and management consultant Dr. Georg Michalik I work with companies towards optimizing their performance and achieving sustainable success.
Step by step:
1. Potentialum offers an organisational model, online survey and detailed analysis and provides a clear picture of the status quo and progress of development of the business.
2. The results of the analysis, the picture of the status quo and progress of development are presented and looked at in a workshop held in the organization.
3. Action Planning. Out of the results of the analysis actions for improving performance and achieving sustainable success can be decided and planned.
4. Change Management and Implementation. I support your organization through change management and implementation, measuring and visualizing success.

  • Business potential and future success
  • Optimizing performance and achieving sustainable success
  • Analysis and development of organizations to deploy their full potential of knowledge, value creation and leadership
  • Potentialum – Learn, Lever, lead
  • Potentialum – Step by step towards optimal use of a business’s full potential
  • Change management, implementation, measuring and visualizing success
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